Thursday, 17 December 2009

New House

We are in our new house now, it has been two long weeks of packing and moving, but we are nearly there, a few more things to move at the weekend, like the sofa, and then we are all done.

I have been trying to sort some stuff, particularly the items we had in storage, but there is so much to do. I made some progress yesterday by putting all the utility room items in the utility room and finding plenty of shelves to put them all on.

I made up some of my new Ikea purchases, a table for my craft room and a bookcase for the kitchen. We still need to make our new bedside tables and I have one of our existing bookcases to put back together.

We are not having a real tree afterall, just my tiny artificial one so all the decorations I have made are now hanging on the kitchen cupboard doors.

I am looking forward to getting things sorted and being able to start making some things for the new house.

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