Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vintage and Handmade

Saturday was the Sew Make Believe outing to the Vintage and Handmade fair in Chipping Sodbury. I forgot to take my camera but Caroline took lots of great pictures so have a look at her blog too.

I would highly recommend this fair as the stalls are all of a really high quality selling a lovely mix of handmade items, fabric, buttons and other crafting materials, and vintage items. I could have spent lots of money, but I had no particular projects in mind and decided not to buy any fabric. I bought some buttons as I can't stop myself when it comes to buttons! 

I love this purple, it is such a rich colour, I might have to find a project to use these on rather than just keeping them in a jar.

I really like the little flowers in this lot, I could have had just the flowers, but this bag of different green buttons seemed like much more fun.

This bag of random buttons was much cheaper than the other buttons I bought, the quality isn't as good, but they will be useful for general craft projects, and they do look pretty in the little bag.

I also bought this cute hanky with pink and blue bunnies on it. 

We treated ourselves to some tea and cake, the cakes were all homemade and looked lovely, I chose a cup cake with yellow flowers on the top. The tea and cakes were served on miss matched vintage plates, tea cups and saucers, they looked lovely.

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