Monday, 13 April 2009

Recycling in Orange

This weekend I have been experimenting with some new projects. I am trying to recycle old clothes and charity shop finds into new items. The first thing I made is a cushion cover from an old shirt, using the shirt opening as the cushion opening which is functional and gives an extra bit of detail. I might change the buttons for some orange ones so they stand out more. Sorry the picture isn't great, I dont have a cushion pad so it looks rather flat.

The second project used a ball of chunky orange yarn, I have knitted a cushion cover panel. I ran out of yarn as it was just an oddment, so this yarn just makes up the patterned front panel. I have another type of orange yarn and will use that to make the back.

I am aiming to make three complimentary orange cushions from recycled materials.

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