Monday, 2 March 2009


I went to our storage container on Saturday hoping to find some of my craft items that I have been missing. I was able to find my big buttons tin, box of craft books, embroidery threads and wadding. I spent most of Saturday afternoon sorting out all the boxes I had bought home, I managed to find room for most things, or at least know where I am going to try and keep them. I need to do some more sorting out of my craft room to fit the various boxes and furniture in better.

I spent far too much time on Sunday afternoon sorting my button tin out, it was worth it though, as the buttons are now in separate bags for different colours or shades of colours depending on how many there are. It was fun to see what was in the tin, I found some nice old glass buttons, very similar to the art deco ones I bought on eBay recently.

All this sorting out left little time to do any actual craft so I just continued knitting my green top. It is coming on very well and the back is now about 25cm long.

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