Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Purple Doll

I decided to try and make a doll today. I was aiming for one about 6 inches high, the final doll is rather larger than that, but she has worked out quite well.  I decided to make her on the sewing machine rather than by hand, it did make it much quicker to sew, but not as enjoyable as doing it by hand.

She has a simple dress with a belt and a hat. She also has some pretty knickers, but you cant see them in the picture. I over stuffed her so it is quite hard to get the clothes on. I will try again and reduce the stuffing. I want to try and make a smaller one too, but it will probably be easier to do a smaller one by hand. 

The doll itself is made out of a scrap of curtain lining I bought in a bag of scraps from a charity shop, the patterned fabric for the belt was from a bag of vintage fabric scraps. The button and felt were also from charity shops.

My free gift from my Sew Hip subscription arrived with the new edition of the magazine today. It is a pretty piece of fabric in blue and purple, it came with some patterns to make a pincushion, needle case and bag. I don't want to make any of those items so I will look out for something else that takes my fancy.

I have been making good progress knitting my green top today, the back is now 4 inches long. The ribbed lace is very pretty and not too complicated. The yarn seems to be working well for this pattern so far. 

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