Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Yellow Elephant

I have made and elephant today. I used my favourite fabric, a 1970s pillow case in yellows, which as you would expect from me, came from a charity shop. There was a false start with this two legged version.

The next attempt is much better and has four legs making it look more like an elephant and allowing it to stand up. 

I need to work on the legs to make the underside better but this is just the prototype.

I am glad this second elephant wasn't quite right as I get to keep it! I will work on a third version now which will hopefully be good enought to put on folksy.


Here is a third elephant to list on folksy, I have sorted the legs out better and made the eyes and ears more interesting. 


  1. Wow thats looking really great! I'd be happy with it as it is!

    Can't wait to see an improved version though, thats going to be amazing if the first prototypes are anything to go by!

    Also my nan used this fabric when I was young, I think it was pillow covers?!
    Groovy maaaaaan!

    Love Kitty xXx

  2. The elephant is made from a pillow case! I also have a duvet cover in yellow, and have just bought the same pattern in purple and pink.

    Thank you for your lovely comments Kitty.

  3. Love the elephant! I remember the fabric design too being a child of the 70's - memories!

  4. Ha ha i've seen it before as well also in green and purple/pink. LOL. Tis a fab elephant. Must put it on my list of possible gifts to guy other people for xmas. (Yep I start early, two big families so try and spread the cost!) lol