Thursday, 25 March 2010

Weekend Crafting

I love getting up first thing and going to my craft room. I love sitting there surround by all my craft books, fabrics, yarns, and bits and pieces with the sun coming through the window and a cup of coffee. I have plan anything in particular, but just make something that I am inspired to make in that moment.

This Saturday I picked up my Bramley Hedge book and saw a pattern for a toy mouse that goes with one of the toy mice, it is very small. It is made of felt and although small, it wasn't too tricky to make. Mine however turned out more like a very small dog, it just doesn't look like a mouse, I think it is the ears. I dressed it in a little skirt and shawl with a flower by its ear. 

On Saturday afternoon I started to make a suffolk puff clown, from a pattern of my mum's that was published in the 1980s. I cut out all the circles, but that was all. On Sunday morning I started to make the puffs and managed to finish the whole clown by mid day in time to watch the Grand Prix (as a Jarno Trulli fan it was rather a painful experience, last was not great, but Lotus did manage to finish their first race with both cars which was quite an achievement).

I am going to make some more clowns as presents for friends that are having babies. One of my friends had a little girl this weekend, so I have got my knitting needles out and started one of my favourite baby jumpers, it is a Debbie Bliss pattern that I have changed slightly, it is so simple making it quick to make and also something that people want to put their babies in.

I had meant to finish the Cath Kidston bag I made last weekend, but never got round to it, perhaps I will get time after work one night this week. 

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