Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Busy Day

I started the day by making some vegetable soup. Not as good as last weeks attempt, but that was due to the vegetables I used rather than the quality of the soup. I also made some bread, some chocolate biscuits (not many of those left) and some stew for dinner.

I have been very crafty as well. I finished this cross stitch picture of Florence from the Magic Roundabout, which is for a birthday present. I made a brooch for a friends daughter, she likes pink so I put as much pink in as I could. I was able to use my new pinking shears to cut the felt, I am really glad I have some now as they are so useful, I am looking forward to using them on more projects.

I made similar brooch to list on Folksy, I made a similar one for myself as well as I love this yarn.

I now need to tidy up and get the rest of dinner ready. I will start another project tonight, perhaps some more knitting, possibly a slightly larger item.

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