Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hunting for materials

I love crafts and making things, but I also love finding materials. I enjoy visiting my local charity shops looking for fabrics, buttons, trimmings, vintage tools and accessories.  
I have bought a large quantity of yarns, a few odd balls for little items, and lots where there was enough to make a garment. The shop kept putting out more yarn each week, so I went in frequently, and became known as the Knitting Lady.

Another shop had lots of buttons, bias bindings, vintage zips, hooks and eyes, and some threads. There is a lovely lady in the shop who keeps sorting out more each week, so I keep checking back and have become known as the Sewing Lady. I have also had some nice pieces of fabric that have been useful for making bags and my projects for Folksy such as this cute owl.  

I love the element of discovery involved in searching for materials, but I also like the fact that the money I am spending is going to charity.



  1. So do I! I love to find Large earrings, old buckles and even found objects are used in some of my work, I think it gives it character!

  2. Me too. I also knit for Oxfam now and then. Years ago they used to ask people to knit little sweaters to send to disaster areas, but these days they prefer people to knit something they can sell in the shops, and then the money goes to the various places in need. Much more sensible in my opinion. So - if you're a knitter/crocheter and have time to spare - just ask. My local shop gives me any wool that is donated for this purpose.