Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Green Yarn Top

I have started on a new project, shown in the picture. I decided to use some of the mountain of yarn I picked up in the Myton Hospice charity shop. I have picked the Sirdar Silky Look yarn that I have in green and blue. I am just going to use the green as I don't think the pattern I have chosen will work well with two colours.

The pattern is from the latest issue of Yarn Forward, it is a pretty short sleeved top with a ribbed front panel. I need to make sure I measure well as I am going along as the last few items I have knitted haven't fitted very well.

I have knitted the tension square so far and it feels lovely knitted up. It is also nice to knit with. I have been very organised and put all the bits I need into my Cath Kidston knitting bag, my knitting should stay a lot tidier than usual.


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  2. gosh - you do tension squares? how very organised!

  3. Yes, I have to do tensions squares, I made too many pieces of clothing that didn't fit. I only bother when it is something quite fitted. I hate doing them though!