Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Car Boot and Antiques Fair Purchases

On Sunday I got up early to visit the local boot fair, I was really tired from staying up too late reading on Saturday night, but thought of all the bargains I might miss if I stayed in bed. I also went to an Antiques Fair and bought a few more bits. 

I picked up some buttons, some pretty ones shown here, but also a big bag full that will hopefully be useful for some crafts.

One stall had lots of embroidery threads, mine are all DMC so I had a good rummage and picked out these ones. They were such a good price I couldn't resist getting so many. There were lots more, but I thought this was enough for one day.

I found a couple more Upcott Bears and a tiny owl. The other bears are Peter Fagan ones which I also collect, they were from the Antiques Fair and a little more expensive.

At the Antiques fair I also got some lovely glass buttons, they are quite old and very good quality. I have quite a collection of vintage glass buttons now.

I spent the rest of Sunday watching the Men's Wimbledon Final, what an epic! I was pleased to see Roger Federer break the record by wining his 15th grand slam, but thought Andy Roddick played so well and really didn't deserve to lose. 

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  1. I used to love boot sales before the kiddies came we have to cart ourself and our wellies down the fields to watch rugby...I miss bargain hunting