Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Real Flowers and Fabric Apples

I woke up really late, nearly 9am! I had a relaxing breakfast actually sitting at the dining table. My husband sent me some flowers that arrived during breakfast, he is working away four days a week at the moment and I am not very good at being on my own so he was trying to make me feel better. They are very pretty and from the florists I walk past every day looking longingly at all the lovely flowers.

I was looking through my Sew Hip magazines over breakfast, enjoying all the lovely fabric designs and wishing I could buy some, when I came across the pattern for felt apples (issue 2 p41). I decided to make one as a quick project to start the day, I ended up making four as they are so easy and effective.  I need a few more if I want to make a good fruit bowl full, however I don't think I will do that this time. I have added some ribbon to three of them so they can be hung up. I think a couple of them are going to be presents and I will hang some in the kitchen.

This afternoon I am going to watch the Tour de France as it is on all afternoon. I have a recycling project that I am working on and will carry on with that while I watch. 


  1. Thoses apples look good enough to eat!

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  3. Love the apples Zoe. The fabrics look really pretty together.